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  • Johnny Mercer

    Johnny Mercer

    With no further training than a Savannah childhood and a lifelong love of popular songs, Johnny Mercer became one of the most well-known and prolific songwriters...

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  • Brenda Lee

    Brenda Lee

    Born into a poor Lithonia family in 1944, Brenda Lee (born Brenda Mae Tarpley) was a musical prodigy, supporting her family with her voice beginning in...

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  • Tommy Roe

    Tommy Roe

    Hailing from Atlanta (and graduating from Brown High School in the West End), Tommy Roe is credited with helping create bubblegum music in the ’60s...

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  • Georgia's Music Pioneers

    Georgia's Music Pioneers

    Georgians have truly shaped the fabric of American music with a royal lineage that includes the Mother of the Blues and the Father of Gospel Music.

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