Undead Tour

Travel through Georgia on a self-guided tour to sights seen on screen in zombie flicks and other horror films.

Castleberry Hill

This City of Atlanta Landmark District is home to the area's oldest and most authentic warehouses and lofts. It was featured in the Emilio Estevez/Mick Jagger film "Freejack," and was the location of Cuba Gooding's loft in "The Fighting Temptations." Dan Aykroyd's office...

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Worthington Manor

Worthington Manor (known as Lockwood Manor on "The Vampire Diaries")?is a private residence, meaning it's okay to photograph from the street, but please don't trespass. Though "The?Vampire Diaries"?crew built most of "Lockwood Manor" on a soundstage, they still shoot at the...

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East of Conyers and slightly larger, Covington, Georgia, has been used in many films because of its small-town charm and proximity to Atlanta. From doubling as the fictional Georgia town of Sparta in TV's "In the Heat of the Night" to "The Vampire Diaries"'?town of Mystic...

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Unlike the fictional Iowa town depicted in "The Crazies" that has a water system full of toxins, Perry, Georgia, where the film was largely shot, has a renovated downtown, great shops and restaurants, and all the clean water you can swallow.

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Wild Adventures Theme Park

For the film's penultimate scene, "Zombieland"?featured Valdosta's Wild Adventures amusement park as the location where the undead corner our heroes.?

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